Growing Dahlias


Starting the tubers

We start out tubers in a mixture of potting soil and vermiculite in early March. We plant them about halfway down in 6 inch pots.  We inspect each one for sprouts, which get placed upward and cover the tuber with soil. We maintain them in our small greenhouse where we have a propane heater and a temperature alert moniter.  It takes about a month for them to poke out of the soil typically.  


When the soil temps are close to 55 degrees, we start preparing the greenhouses. Rotolling, making the rows into hills and covering with landscape fabric.We also run water lines at this time. Then we begin to plant out dahlias about 30 inches apart in the greenhouses and closer outside.  We place tomato cages over them, anticapting the everspreading foilage..Make sure you pick a sunny location for them. They really like at least 6 hours of sun a day. 


In terms of fertilizers, the organic options inculde ground fish bone  which will set the stage for nice leafy foilage that will support flower growth.  You can also use commercial fertilizers as directed.    Be on the look out for slugs and aphids, both of which can be taxing to your dahliasl.

For aphids we use lady bugs released into the greenhouse, for slugs crushed oyster shell or diatomacious earth or if you want to share your brew, a small amount of beer left in a beer bottle or saucer the slugs crawl in and pass out.  This year, we used an organic slugicide "Sluggo" with good results.








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